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The Digital Image Library of the DK Group

The digital image library of the Diethelm Keller Group contains a representative sample of the material stored in the central archives at headoffice in Zurich. The selection was made according to the historical significance and the quality of the original pictures. Approximately 900 historical images were digitalised at a high resolution and can be identified by explanatory captions. They show the founders of the family businesses with their successors, their partners, the management as well as generations of employees. Of special interest are the colourful and detailed Trade Marks by which the traded goods had been identified and protected between 1890 and about 1940. Crucial text documents, for example foundation charters, have been integrated in the image library as well.

The image library is available world-wide to all members of the group. Its use however is restricted to those responsible for internal and external communication and to the editors of corresponding material. For that reason,a password has to be requested via The images are classified by categories but can also be found by means of their captions. They may then be downloaded from the site as high-resolution files and separations ready for integration in print or electronic media.

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